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6 fragrances to choose from!


Lemon Spearmint~Cool notes of Citrus, Eucalyptus & Mint.


Sea Lily~Aquatic green notes of Lily & Violet. Breezy Ocean Mists with aspects of Sea Amber & Driftwood.


Sunset Dunes ~Exotic earthy blend of Ambered Sands & Soothing Woods warmed with Midnight Patchouli, Desert Sage & Saffron.


Sandalwood Jasmine has invigorating notes of Sandalwood, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang.


Soul Revival- Floral

Radiant notes of Pink Lotus Blossoms, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Rose & Freesia


Vetiver & Suede-Woody notes of Soft Suede, Vetiver & Fresh Ground Pepper


14 oz.


Spa Collection

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